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Reading this for Hannukah, and for my own edification.


One of these days, one of my relatives will finally get around to forwarding me the Andrews family history that someone has put together.  At present, however, I don't have it.


Therefore, I know very little about that side of the family.  The Jewish side.


My great-grandfather, Jacob "Jack" Andrews was born 12 October 1875 but I'm not sure where.  He married Daisy, whose birth name may have been Esther Kaliski, but I'm not sure of that either.  I only knew her as Grandma Daisy.  They had three children -- Leonard, Harry ("Hap"), and Helene.  Helene married Richard M. Mueller, and they also had three children -- Theodore, Richard J., and Esther Elaine.  Elaine is my mother.



Grandpa Jack and Linda, December 1948




Grandma Daisy, Elaine, Mom Helene, Linda.  "Four Generations."



Mom Helene was raised Jewish, and even taught Hebrew, but her husband (whose mother was also Jewish!) had been raised nominally Christian, so their children were allowed to make their own choice.  Growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois, all three of them chose to be nominally Christian.


I always knew Mom's side of the family was Jewish.  I mean, it was just . . . there.  I didn't think anything about it.  To me it was like, okay, some people are Methodist, some are Catholic, some are Jewish.  No big deal.


Later, of course, I learned that sometimes it is a big deal.


But I wasn't raised Jewish.  I've never been to a Seder; I've only ever been to a Jewish wedding, and that was in a fancy hotel in Chicago.


So maybe I should learn something.