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What I've been doing while I've been gone

This is the one I showed you the other day, my red and black jasper from Brenda, AZ.  Unfortunately, it doesn't show up very well in indoor lighting.



This morning I got outside while the sun was at the right angle for photography and got some better shots.



A couple of  days ago, when I was lamenting my lack of enthusiasm for making jewelry, I sat myself down and collected some determination, along with a small blob of agate a friend had picked up while hiking along the Colorado River.  He brings me handfuls of "really neat rocks" every once in a while, and I tumble them.  A few turn out pretty cool.  This one polished beautifully, but proved to be quite a challenge to wrap.  I persisted and finished it this morning.



Many wire-wrappers just  wind all the loose ends around the top, or they cut the ends off and let it go at that.  I'm compulsive about tucking in the ends.






My signature pieces are the Angel Feathers.  They are, quite frankly, a bitch to wrap.  They also sell well, and since I have several shows coming up, I need to replenish inventory.





Now I have to get back to work.  See y'all later!