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UPDATE AT THE END.  (It's hopeless.)



A friend and I were commiserating over all the little things that were falling apart in our lives -- selves not included -- and it seemed the list was mutual and never-ending.  The washer, the water softener, the R.O. filtration system, a leaky pipe here, a leaky pipe there, car tires and other vehicle issues, a toaster or an iron or a coffeemaker or some other small appliance that needs to be replaced.  And money doesn't grow on mesquite trees.


So this afternoon BF was trying to make a temporary fix to the R.O. system to last until we make a decision about replacing it, and he needed some pipe cleaners.  I thought I might have some stashed away somewhere, so I went looking.  And looking.  And looking.  No pipe cleaners turned up, but i discovered all kinds of forgotten STUFF that simply needs to go in the trash.


Of course, I didn't have time right then to sort through it.  But it's sitting there in the back of my head, and since BF is gone for the evening and I don't have to cook, this may be an evening for a sandwich and a bowl of pop corn while I sort through STUFF.


The drawers of my desk were full when we moved from Indiana to Arizona in 1985.  Though I have thrown away things to make room for . . . other things, those desk drawers have not actually had any spare space in them for 32 years.  That may change tonight.





I started with one desk drawer.  Some items in the drawer were easy choices for the trash can, and I immediately tossed them there.  I found a few other things to pitch, as well.  It wasn't a lot, but it was something.


So why was it that after I threw things away, there was LESS ROOM in the drawer than before I started?