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Rose Hill - Pamela Grandstaff

A couple of points here.


1.  Why are the mothers all so obnoxious?  Especially Scott's.  Why doesn't he stand up to her?  Ick.  It makes him seem wimpy.


2.  The victim's mail.  It seems really odd that his complete financial picture would be so clearly laid out in just one or maybe two days' mail.  All his bank statements arrive on the same day?  All his credit card statements?  All the other business deals?


I said before this was a potential two-star book, at best.  It's starting to slide.


Edited to add:


He showed her the card and photo, and explained whom everyone pictured was and what had happened. He expected her to be impressed, ask pertinent questions, and take some notes.

Grandstaff, Pamela. Rose Hill (Rose Hill Mystery Series Book 1) (p. 51). Kindle Edition.


Suddenly I'm not impressed either.