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Rose Hill - Pamela Grandstaff

Right now this is a potential two-star book.  I doubt there will be anything to push it upward, but it might go lower.


Per the front matter, author Grandstaff self-published this as the first in a series when she couldn't interest a traditional publisher.  Sales weren't great until some promotion came along after several more books had followed.  So she took the opportunity to revise and fix this first title and reissue it.


If this is a revised/improved version, I'm glad I didn't get hold of the original.


It's not bad, but it's not good.  Too many characters who are barely sketched in, and who don't inspire any loyalty.  I can't keep them straight, and I don't care enough about any of them to make the effort.


It feels rushed, as if the author had an idea for a clever murder mystery and wrote it to get the plot down but forgot to develop the setting, the characters, the atmosphere.


There isn't even a main character.  Yeah.