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Email notifications still not working . . . . . and follow-up screen shots


Before I sent -- and posted -- the above email, I checked my BookLikes settings to make sure I had all notifications checked "on."



I post the above screen shot because it's possible I'm not setting things correctly, or there's some other location where I'm supposed to set my settings for Email Notifications.  I even thought well, maybe these are the settings for BookLikes notifications, the things that show up on the BL homepage.   But it clearly says "Email Notifications," doesn't it?????


I saved those settings.  I logged out of BL.  I logged back in.




I checked the FAQ page for direction on this, and there's nothing beyond if I want notifications, I need to mark it in Settings.  I DID THAT.  Do I now have to MANUALLY mark each and every individual blog post -- including my own! -- in order to get email notifications?  If so, then what's the good of having my settings switched on?


What am I missing here?