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Posted with very little comment

I seriously considered not posting this and just letting the issue drop.  I'm quite certain I'll get in trouble for it, and maybe even get booted from BL, which would actually bother me quite a bit.  But I think I owe an obligation to my friends here to let the truth be known so that they can make their own informed decisions.


These are screen shots of messages I received on my BookLikes account over the past week or so.  Each screen shot, of course, reads from bottom up, but I've posted them in a kind of chronological order.


The first exchange, in response to a post of mine about writing.



A day or so after receiving this PM, I received the following via PM.



My response was brief and to the point, but apparently it didn't go over well.  This person claims to be a teacher as well as a former police officer, so supposedly old enough to know better.



The final exchange:



I had no intention of identifying this person, but posted some brief thoughts due to my concerns that refugees from the Amazon forums would end up here to promote their books.


This morning, however, I discovered that Kate @ Book Likes  is promoting this author and his books.  Perhaps I should have spoken up sooner.


Kenneth Harris, aka Jet Set Jeff, aka Robert Smalls, has no books shelved on BL, no reviews.  His few blog posts, all of which were self-promotional, appear to have been removed.



Anyone who doesn't know the difference between "defected" and "defective" should not be promoting himself as a literacy expert.