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2017 Artists of the Superstitions Studio Tour


This is the cover of the map/brochure for our 2017 Studio Tour.


Artists of the Superstitions was formed in March 2007 as the Gold Canyon Artists' Group.  I was one of the original eight or ten members.  Two months later, we learned that the sponsor of the studio tour had quietly dropped it; in a rush of enthusiasm -- and calling on my inner Mickey Rooney -- I insisted we could do it ourselves. 


Most of the group was opposed to the idea.  We were too few, and too new.  It couldn't be done.


With just three other members to help out, I put it together.  The Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Artists' Studio Tour went on in November 2007 exactly as the previous sponsor had done it.  We had glitches and mistakes, but we did it.  And with the proceeds, we began to build up our organization, taking on the name Artists of the Superstitions.


This is now our 11th annual tour.


I have been a member since the very first organizational meeting in 2007.  I have participated in every single studio tour.  I have participated in almost every single show AOTS has sponsored since then.  I have written publicity material for our events, I have given demonstrations at meetings, and I maintain an email list of over 600 "patrons" to whom I send notices of each of our events.


Of the eight artists whose work is featured on the front of the brochure, four are first-time participants; I don't even know if they are AOTS members.  Three others who I know are members have been frequently showcased on brochures and posters for the tour and the four other events AOTS sponsors each year. 


This is the first time one of my pieces has been pictured on the tour brochure.