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not much writing yesterday

— feeling sweat

I haven't even opened the file to see how many words I added yesterday, but I know it wasn't many.


This morning -- it's not quite 10:30 as I write this -- I have finally started to load the car for Sunday's show.  The canopy is the heaviest and most awkward item to load, but it has to go in first.  That means I can get it in and out of the way and feel better about the rest of the stuff.  So I did that first and . . . feel better.  The tables had to be sprayed with bug killer before I could touch them, because they do attract spiders -- SCREAM! -- and then I hosed them off.  They dry in the sun and I may slide them into the car this afternoon just to have that particular chore done.


I also packed a few of the smaller but heavy items.


Next is to check all my prices and labels and signs, as I know some of those need to be reprinted for this show.


Art shows are very much like writing.  The fun part is making the jewelry and/or the other items for sale, just as the writing is the fun part of creating a book.  But then there are the ancillary tasks, such as packing the car to go to a show or proofreading a 600-page manuscript, designing advertising flyers or crafting cover art, living with those annoying customers who stage whisper to their friend, "Don't pay $30 for that, Marge; you can make it yourself for five bucks!" or who leave an "I could write a better book than that!" review.


Go ahead and try!