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Yesterday was terrible for writing production, but I did a lot of necessary reading, not least of which was my Halloween Bingo Darkest London book.  What an ordeal that was!


Fortunately, I had some much better reading to balance it out.  I should have my last Halloween Bingo review ready for tomorrow.  Do you think maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get a Bingo?  Ha ha, I'm not holding my breath!  The odds are pretty good  -- 4 out of 14 -- that it will be one of the seven squares I opted out of.


I also did some longhand writing after I went to bed last night and again this morning.  The dogs woke me at 4:00 -- that's actually later than they usually do -- and instead of going back to sleep right away, I did some more scribbling.  A section I had written a few days ago but decided not to incorporate into the text now has a proper place for insertion, so that will give me some better numbers for today . . . or tomorrow.


This morning was also grocery shopping and errands, plus the chore of putting all the purchases away.  I'm still not quite done with that, but had to take a break for lunch.


Tomorrow I will start packing the car for Sunday's art show.


All of this means my writing time is going to be a premium for the next several days.  After Sunday's show, however, I have a break until early November.  Of course, if I sell a lot of stuff Sunday, I will have to replenish inventory for November's two-day show and the other two shows coming up after that . . . but I won't be complaining!


Time now to bring in the paper goods and dog food, then get to work.