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starting this morning at 25,414. 


Lots of other work today, unfortunately, but at least BF is gone for the day until late evening.  Only the dogs to demand attention.


I'll be content to reach 30,000, but more would be terrific.


The apple she had placed with such ceremony on the center of the old oak table was indeed a very pale yellow, lighter than the familiar golden delicious one would buy in the grocery store.  A soft kiss of pastel pink highlighted one curve on the upper half; there were no worm holes or bruises or other blemishes.

It was small, no bigger than a tennis ball and almost as perfectly round.  The skin was smooth as satin, fine as silk.  If I had seen this in a store, I would have thought it a plastic display item; it just didn't look real.  But when I picked it up and held it to my nose, it smelled like an apple, tart and sweet and crisp as an autumn afternoon.  I felt a powerful urge to sink my teeth into it and take a huge bite of the tempting flesh, knowing exactly how it would taste.