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An hour of my time totally wasted -- a rant

The local power company -- SRP -- has been given notice more than once that they need to alert me when they are coming on the property to do maintenance.  This is because I have DOGS.  There is a sign on the outer fence "No Trespassing" and "Beware of the Dog."


This morning, BF let one of the dogs out for some play time, with the intention of bringing her in before he left for his morning coffee time with friends.  When it came time to leave, he called her in . . . and discovered there was an SRP crew messing around with the power pole on the property.  There had been no notice that they were coming.


Luckily, just sheer luck, BF got the dog in before she realized the gate was ajar.  She would have been delighted to run.


I, of course, got chewed out for not making sure SRP had notified me.  I was called names.  (Yes, I know it's abusive.  We'll deal with that later.)


The next 45 minutes were spent either yelling at the contractor's work crew, yelling at some customer service rep on the phone, or yelling at the SRP supervisor. 


Tomorrow I will buy ANOTHER No Trespassing sign, ANOTHER Beware of Dog sign, and put them on the inner fence.  And we may have to go back to putting a padlock on the gate.


There's no excuse for this.  In the age of caller ID and voice mail and text messaging, there's no reason why SRP can't notify residents that a work crew is going to need access to the property.  No reason at all.  There are people in my neighborhood who have the usual assortments of dogs and other "normal" pets, but there are also people who have horses.  There are people who have children they believe are safe behind fences and gates.There's no excuse for work crews, contractor or not, not notifying residents that they will need access to the property.


It's been almost 17 years since another utility company's "contractor" dug a four-foot-deep hole in the middle of my driveway, without notice and without caution barriers or flashing lights.  I came within a foot of driving my car right into it at midnight.  It took that contractor another six weeks or so to repair the hole, and six or seven more months to make good on the cost of further damage they had done.  I have no tolerance for the excuse that "the contractor did it."  If there is one thing I remember from my tiny bit of business law, it's that you can assign rights, but you can't assign responsibilities.


I am still very upset.


I do not feel like reading.