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— feeling what?!?
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt - Beth Hoffman

Maybe I need to stop thinking about these books so much.



So 12-year-old Ceecee has gone to live with her great aunt Tootie in Savannah.  They drive to visit Tootie's sister Lucille, who runs the family's jewelry store.  Ceecee meets Aunt Lu's lifelong friend Rosa.


Ceecee has never had any friends at all, other than her neighbor, elderly Mrs. Odell.  Even though Ceecee wonders if she will ever have a lifelong fried like Rosa, she doesn't do much wondering about going to school in the fall, meeting young people her own age, and so on.  She's surrounded by older women, it's 1967, and she seems to have no clue what's going on in the world around her.


Even if she had no friends at her school in Ohio, wouldn't she have had some hints about things like the Beatles, the Vietnam war, the whole youth culture, and so on? 


I found this very striking, and not natural.


But worse was that when Aunt Lu DIES just two weeks later, Ceecee (via author Hoffman) devotes only two pages to it! 

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