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My email to Kate @ BookLikes

(I went to bed last night with the beginnings of a terrible, terrible cold.  I woke up with the advanced beginnings of a terrible, terrible cold.  But I wanted to make sure I got this off to BL before I got any worse.)




You may call me the Angry BookLiker if you wish, because I am one of those who gets easily frustrated and has never learned to just suffer and be nice about it.  Deep down, however, I'm pretty much a nice person and I am more than willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with me.
You've asked for reports on the problems we've encountered, and since I'm a writer, I feel comfortable detailing my experience in at least one area, the area that most frustrates me.
When I write a review or a text post, I often insert links to other pages.  Those pages may be on other sites, or they may be previous posts on BookLikes.  Using the link feature is no problem, unless the link is to another post on BookLikes.  This means having two BL windows open at the same time, one for where I'm writing the text and one for where I'm getting the link.  It appears -- though I'm not absolutely certain -- that having two BL windows open at once does something to the process and makes it impossible to publish the post.  The screen simply locks up and won't post.  The option then is to copy and paste the text into another editing program -- such as Notepad, MSWord, etc. -- which voids all the links and formatting and any photos.  This is what happened to me on Monday, when I lost two and a half hours of work.
There are several work-arounds for this problem, but none of them is without problems of its own.
First is to compose the entire post in another format with the links as text, then cutting and pasting it into the BookLikes form.  This still requires using the form to add the links and photographs and formatting that doesn't transfer completely from the editing program.  This is crucial for quoted sections and especially for spoiler sections, and it seems like an inefficient duplication of effort.
Another option is to use the BookLinks window and "Save as draft" at regular intervals during the writing in order to preserve the links and photos.  As I've found, and perhaps others have as well, this alters the "Post date."  When I published my "Suspicious minds" post yesterday. I tried this option and found that I couldn't publish nor could I change the "Post date."  The only way around it was to copy the entire post and paste it into a new BL window.  This meant redoing all the tags. 
I encountered the problem with the "Save as draft" and "Post date" issue several weeks ago with another post, but I didn't make notes on it.  Yesterday I paid more attention to exactly what happened, and I relied on some of the comments other users had made.
There is no central or easily-found "Help" section, and sending an email to someone in a time zone nine hours ahead of mine is not practical.  I'm not a BL Librarian, so I'm not going to get into the problems with the catalogue, but I will address issues with the writing/blogging process.  Help/How-to/FAQ needs to be up-to-date, complete, readily accessible from ALL pages of the BookLikes site, and it needs to address the basic functions of the site -- including how to post more than just "This book was great!  Everyone should read it!"
Thank you, and good luck.
Linda Hilton
Arizona, USA