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Ceremony (text only) by L. M. Silko - Leslie Marmon Silko

I'm telling you the story she is thinking.


One of the few things I really detested when I went back to college in 1998 was the penchant so many professors had for assembling huge reading lists that required enormous expenditures of money . . . and then never actually discussing the readings.  Or the syllabus listed only one or two chapters out of the 30 or more in a book, but you had already shelled out thirty or forty dollars or more for the text.


I had one prof who was worse about this than the others.  For one course, the materials included very expensive photocopies -- the bookstore had to get a special license -- of selected chapters from out-of-print books that weren't even available at the library.  (This was before the days of Amazon used books.)  What we weren't told was that these photocopies were not eligible for refund if the text was canceled.  Well, she canceled two of them, and students were pretty upset.  Her attitude was . . . unprintable.


For another class, the reading list was way longer than any instructor could hope to cover in a semester, but we had to buy the books anyway.  One of the books was Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony, which looked to me like it would be very interesting.  We never got around to it, however. 


I kept several of the books from that class, some of which we read like When the Rainbow Goddess Wept by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard and Ceremony which we didn't.


Author Leslie Marmon Silko is my age and lives in Tucson.  Although I am not -- that I know of -- Native American, it is almost impossible not to absorb at least some knowledge of and respect for the native people of the Southwest and their culture when you live here for a long time.  I mean, for crying out loud, I live in a town called Apache Junction!  And while that may be a bit of cultural appropriation by the "settlers," Hieroglyphic Canyon is only a few minutes' drive and a comfortable hike from my house.



The real stuff is out there, all around us.


Dr. Carter Meland, professor of Native American Literature at the University of Minnesota, is the son of friends of mine here in Arizona.  I would have liked to read his novel, Stories for a Lost Child, for this Bingo square, but it won't be published until Spring 2017.  I thought I might be able to find one of his stories online, but only located a poem on his blog.  (I'm assuming the blog name "the-long-one" refers to the fact that Carter is VERY tall!).


But in looking for some of Carter's material, I remembered Ceremony and decided to find it and read it for this Bingo square.


Because I'm thinking all things are connected . . . especially stories.