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A Harvest Passion - Emily Murdoch

My parents knew that they would not be long for this world, not after they contracted cholera, and despite my relative fortune that they would leave me, it had been . . . difficult for me to attract a suitor. I was a prickly individual even then, and successive seasons soon showed me that it was the gentle, rather pathetic girls that would find husbands quickest.


“Isaac Quinn’s father is the Duke of Daventry, but as a fifth son there was no fortune for him, and he wanted a quick marriage as his father was threatening to disinherit him. He approached my father, and the betrothal was announced a day later.

Murdoch, Emily. A Harvest Passion (Kindle Locations 1286-1290). Endeavour Press. Kindle Edition. 


Let me get this straight.  AFTER her parents have come down with cholera, they negotiate this engagement?  Does Ms. Murdoch, with her degrees in History, have no awareness of how cholera is contracted, incubates, and progresses?  Does she know nothing of the symptoms, or the rapidity with which it can kill?


No, Ms. Murdoch, Hestia Royce's parents would not have negotiated an alliance with the Duke of Daventry's fifth son while they were sick with cholera.  Nor would the Duke of Daventry's fifth son have approached them while they were sick with cholera.


This is unforgivably horrible writing.