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A Harvest Passion - Emily Murdoch

At 8:00 P.M. Saturday, our hero Leo is still aboard the ship docking at Southampton.  Because he can't find a stagecoach to carry him to his destination, he stop at a local tavern for supper.  He's been served a stew with questionable meat, but as soon as he gets a tankard of good English ale, he can't stop praising the wonderful food of England.


Say what?


Despite the difficulties of finding a coach at night on a Saturday, somehow or other he reaches his destination of the little town of Sandercombe in time enough to be put up at the little guiesthouse and get a night's sleep by next morning.


Say what?


Then we have this passage:


As their voices were raised in song, a few eyebrows were also raised at the newcomer’s deep bass voice that soared below theirs sweetly following the melody.

Murdoch, Emily. A Harvest Passion (Kindle Locations 133-134). Endeavour Press. Kindle Edition.


From the author who is hailed as the next Julian Fellowes by one of her reviewers.