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A Harvest Passion - Emily Murdoch

I will finish this book solely to give it the review it deserves.


Some whispered that he was a rich merchant, and others that he was a soldier on the run from his time stationed out in the colony. If anyone had asked him, Leo Tyndale would have told the truth: that he had been a missionary in India these last five years,

Murdoch, Emily. A Harvest Passion (Kindle Locations 105-107). Endeavour Press. Kindle Edition.


The passengers have been on this ship for six freaking months getting from India to England, but Leo hasn't bothered to tell them the truth?  And what the hell does it matter anyway?  Nearly 10% of this very short book is taken up with nonsense:  Leo rising, shaving, going to church, fretting about where to sit in the church, and then thinking back to his landing at Southampton the day before, one presumes to fit in some backstory that's already been supplied since we already know he just got off the ship and we already know that he's just come from India and we already know the voyage took six months!