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Waking the Moon - Elizabeth Hand

The chapter starts with Sweeney lamenting "If I had only known what was going to happen, maybe I could have stopped it.  Or maybe it would have happened anyway."


This lasts two short paragraphs, and then we switch back to Magda Kurtz's POV.  It looks like Magda is going to be one of the bad guys in this, but who knows?




So far, Magda has committed two murders. neither of which has raised any eyebrows.  One of the victims was a fellow archaeologist on a dig; one would imagine that regardless what happened, someone would have come to exhume the body -- it was buried in an excavation cave-in -- and discover the cause of death had nothing to do with the collapse of the trench walls.  The second was apparently a young drifter (??) in Greece, and she left his body for the authorities to find in a low-rent pension.  Again, the gruesome manner of death would have screamed for an investigation, and just because she skipped the country doesn't mean she can't be found and hauled in for questioning.

(show spoiler)


Once again, time frame is confusing, and there's no continuity.


If it weren't for Halloween Bingo and certain stubbornness on my part, this book would have been DNF at least 50 pages ago.