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Waking the Moon - Elizabeth Hand

This is just a follow-up to what I posted at page 70 --


My disconnect with the characters is widening.


The reception isn't over, but the scene shifts from Sweeney to Magda Kurtz, the archaeology professor.  I think it's another flashback, but the way the time frame jumps back and forth it's kind of like reading a "choose your own adventure" and just reading it straight through rather than making choices and skipping to the appropriate pages.


The problem is that I have so little investment in these people that even though I read another of those horror-movie scenes just yesterday, I completely forgot it.  It has/had some significance, but it didn't make enough impression on me to register as part of the story.


It was a Magda Kurtz scene, all involved with magic and the occult and scrying and shit like that.  It should have been interesting.  But it wasn't.  I just didn't care.


The book is going to be a real chore.