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Waking the Moon - Elizabeth Hand

I know why I didn't finish this the last time I started it:  None of it makes any sense.


It starts out in first person with Sweeney Cassidy saying she met "them" in her first class, but never elaborates on who "they" are, because the narrative immediately goes back to the week or week-end before her first class.


Then it switches to third person for another character -- a professor, I think -- who gets a message about "sign" and goes to meet the person who has the "sign" but instead of driving there, he walks into a closet that is maybe some kind of portal?  I don't know.  There's no explanation.


After that, it goes back to Sweeney's first person POV, but she still hasn't had her first class to meet "them" but she gets a visitation from some tall beings (??) in a dream, and they leave her a two-foot long red feather that creeps along the floor.


End Chapter 1.


Now Chapter 2 starts with another character and a bunch of words are introduced that may be real words or made up, but there's no way to tell.


And I'm only 19 pages in.  It's not lookin' good.