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My Life on the Road - Gloria Steinem

On the response of women to Hillary Clinton's failure/refusal to leave Bill after revelations of his infidelity:


"It dawned on me that if a sexual connection is the only bond between a husband and wife, an affair can make her feel replaceable -- and perhaps cause her to be replaced.  This was not only emotionally painful but devastating when it also meant losing social identity and economic security as well.  I began to understand that Hillary represented the very public, in-your-face opposite of the precarious and unequal lives that some women were living.  In a classic sense, they were trying to kill the messenger."






This is a very powerful section for me to read, often bringing tears to my eyes.  The chapter is titled "When the Political is Personal."  I did not expect it to hit home as hard as it has.


I've admired Steinem for a long time, and have read a lot of her writing.  This book, however, is making everything personal.  Even though I'm only a little more than halfway through it, I highly, highly recommend it.  She'd have to really eff up from here on out for this to be anything less than a full and enthusiastic five stars.