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Life in my house has been very topsy-turvy the past couple of weeks as I've dealt with some personal issues.  The bad news is that they've taken me away from my writing.  The good news is that they've given me some opportunities for reading.


I had hoped to finish reading this book today, but it's going to have to wait a bit.  However, an update is in order.


Much as I've felt through the rest of the book, the unevenness is distracting, at least for someone reading straight through.  The interviews became more and more of the same, nothing exciting.


The little snippets on "whatever happened to your very first manuscript" were hilarious, so hilarious and encouraging that I wish there were many, many, many more.


Background on some of the mystery writers' organizations and awards was very informative.


Then I got to Marlys Millhiser's essay on author self-promotion.  I decided that was a good place to stop, because I really want to spend some special time with that one.