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I don't know what these are, other than very bad writing

The Second Sister - Sarah Thorn

Well, the cover is lovely.


This "book" is actually a collection of 20 (or more?) shortish romance stories.  Some appear to be steamy, some are labeled "clean."  From what I can figure out, the outfit publishing them mixes up the assortment, slaps on a new cover, gives a different story top billing, but it's all the same terrible stuff.


At least it's free?


The first story in this particular collection is The Second Sister, a romance about a Duke and a commoner's daughter.  Of course it's predictable and shallow and silly.  It's also poorly formatted -- triple spaced?? -- and written in the style of a precocious ten-year-old who hasn't mastered the basics of narrative, dialogue, or punctuation, but is really good with spell check.


I made it through about half of the first story before giving up.  My curiosity has been satisfied.


Unless you are truly desperate, pass on this and all of its sisters.




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