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Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America
Nancy MacLean
Progress: 134/574 pages
Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy
Christopher L. Hayes
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The Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance
Northrop Frye
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Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right
Arlie Russell Hochschild
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Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America
Ibram X. Kendi
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All the President's Men
Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward
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Women's Gothic and Romantic Fiction: A Reference Guide (American Popular Culture)
Kay Mussell
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The Looking-Glass Portrait
Linda Hilton
Really Neat Rocks: A casual introduction to the rocks & gems of Arizona and the lapidary arts
Linda Hilton
Progress: 61/61 pages
Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
Jon Krakauer

I haven't read anything in ages

I'm struggling to create a website.  The frustration has had me on the verge of tears several nights in a row.  I make tiny steps of progress, then hit brick walls.


I have a domain name, a hosting account, and have loaded it with WordPress and WooCommerce.  What I can't seem to figure out how to do is alter the storefront and pages' appearance, in terms of changing existing text on "buttons," or changing fonts.


The various blogs and step-by-step guides I've found have all been inadequate.  They either assume the user has extensive knowledge already, especially of CSS, or they reference two- or three-year-old versions of the pertinent software.


Then I remembered all the lovely alterations everyone (except myself) had done to their Booklikes pages, and I thought maybe, maybe there might be someone who could get me over the hump of ignorance so I can get my project off the ground.