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It's Saturday. Time for the rocks to come out and play. ;-)

After last Saturday's disappointment, I wasn't getting my hopes up for today.


When I opened the barrel, the polishing compound was still much thicker than it should be, but not pasty like last week.  So I carefully began removing and rinsing off the stones, one by one.


I breathed a huge sigh of relief.


The Brazilian agates.



The Mexican crazy lace agates.





(Ignore the dog hairs.  They're everywhere.)




Amethyst sage agates



Royal Aztec Lace agates



Green moss agate



Graveyard Point (Oregon) plume agate

Montana moss agate



Another slice of "pizza"



They'll go back in the tumbler for three or four days to "burnish" and to clean out the remnants of the polishing compound that settles into the nooks and crevices.  You can see it in the center of the green moss agate; that little hole is actually filled with itsy bitsy crystals, not orange gunk. 


We've had remarkably cool weather that has allowed me to get a lot more done on the rocks than I ever could have expected, but summer is lurking right around the corner.  Next week-end is predicted to hit 102, and that will be the norm from now until October or so.  I have more stones already in process, and I cut a bunch yesterday, which I'll start grinding to shape tomorrow.  How much I'll be able to finish before the weather runs out, we'll just have to wait and see.  And when I can't work on rocks any more, I guess I'll have no other option but . . . to read!