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Yeah. ;-)


The box was labeled "Red Jasper - 4th of July."  My husband and I had collected the rocks over a period of at least fifteen years, roughly 1988-2003, on many trips to 4th of July Butte west of Phoenix, Arizona.  Mostly we looked for agates, but I picked up the occasional chunk of jasper because . . . because.  After cutting the little piece that yielded the triangles, I suspected -- as I wrote in a comment yesterday -- that there might be some nice surprises.


I had in fact cut this slice last week, but hadn't cleaned it up enough to really get a good look at it.  This morning I was in the studio before 5:00 a.m., and one of the tasks on my agenda was to check out the new jasper slices.  A couple of them appeared promising, including this one.  I sketched out the rough shape freehand, then ground it down.  It didn't take long to realize I had a pretty decent gem in the works. 


Unfortunately, the very early morning hours were cloudy, so I couldn't get a definitive look at it.  When the sun was up enough to burn off the cloud cover, I took my spray bottle onto the porch and spritzed the stone to get an idea what it would look like after polishing.


"Oooh, wow!"