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They still have two more weeks of polishing in the tumbler before they're ready to be made into jewelry, but I was so delighted with this batch of cabochons that I spritzed them with water and took their pictures.


First photo, left to right:


Two green-in-white tree agates, below them two green-in-clear moss agates.

Three blue-and-grey Brazilian agates.

Below the large b/g is a Montana agate oval.

The rest of the brown/orange banded stones are Brazilian agates, as are the small lavender/white pieces at the bottom.

Eight pieces on the far right are crazy lace agates from Mexico.


Second photo, left to right:

Piece in the upper left corner is unidentified.

Below it, white agate, probably Luna, from New Mexico

Irregular shaped dark stone is dinosaur bone.

Large scarlet and crystal agate piece, probably from Arizona but could be from Mexico.

Three pinkish pieces, Mookaite jasper from Australia

Below them, two purple-veined agates, possibly from Mexico

Two red pieces, jasper w/agate from Brenda, AZ

Large heart-shaped stone at top is Graveyard Point (Oregon) plume agate

Three stones in descending leftward diagonal are amethyst sage agate.

Three small stones at the bottom are plume agate from 4th of July Butte, Arizona

Blue and grey stone at middle right is probably dumortierite but unconfirmed, and source location is unknown.

Two purple stones at far right are royal Aztec lace agate from Mexico.