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Paging Josh Olson. This one took four words.

The Clandestine Duke - Lisa Holmes

William Hyde was stood with his back against the bark of an old lime tree.

Holmes, Lisa (2015-04-13). The Clandestine Duke (Kindle Location 4).  . Kindle Edition.



After I recovered from that shock, I read through the first page, which was almost through the first paragraph.  I think.  By page 2 I realized there were no paragraph indents on my Kindle for PC app, and that's when I quit.


I obtained this book when it was offered as a free Kindle download from Amazon.  I don't know the author nor have I had any communication with her about this book or any other matter.


There is no front material at all; the Kindle version goes from cover art to Chapter One.  It's been my experience that when the uploading author doesn't even follow the directions on either the Kindle Direct Publishing page or Smashwords regarding front matter, there are probably other directions she hasn't followed.




I might actually have liked this book.  Now I'll never read it.


It would have got no stars, but since I've learned reviews have to have some rating in order to be calculated in the average, I'll give this one the lowest possible, half a star.


Did not read, will not read.