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Old family photos


Forbes and Helen Ironside Gerrie.  No firm date on this one.  I'm pretty sure the handwritten tags are in my grandmother's handwriting.


All of these pictures are glued onto scrapbook pages.  I'm not even going to attempt to remove them.







Taken around 1908.  I believe the picture on the wall on the left is of my grandmother Grace Early and her older sister Helen.  I may have a copy of that photo in the collection.  I'll show you the photo on the wall on the right in a second.





I had to resize this for Booklikes capacity, so it's not as clear as it could be.  Anna Peterson Gerrie, my great-grandmother, is second from the left in the back row, in the white leg-o-mutton sleeves and Gibson Girl pompadour; John is to her left.  In front of them is their elder daughter, Helen.  At the far right of the picture (far left as they were standing), the little girl by the radiator is my grandmother, Grace Early Gerrie Wheeler.




This is brother Thomas Gerrie in the same Scottish regalia as John in the other photo, but taken quite a bit earlier.  I'm not sure of the date, but I'm pretty sure this is the photo that's hanging on the wall in the group photo.  The Gerrie family is part of the Gordon clan of Aberdeenshire, but I've not been able to confirm whether the tartan here is the familiar green, blue, black, and yellow pattern of the major Gordon plaids.  The garments were unintentionally destroyed by my dad and his cousin Robert when they used the wooden crate they were stored in for bow-and-arrow target practice.


As most of you know, I'm a dog person.  I get this from my dad's side of the family.  He had a fox terrier named Tuffy, and I have one picture of them but not scanned.  Sometime in the 1940s, Thomas Gerrie and his wife Edith introduced my grandparents, Grace and Nate Wheeler, to Chihuahuas.  Their first two were Topsy and Tebo, who as puppies fit comfortably in a teacup.  I think there are photos of them literally in the teacups, but again, not scanned.  I remember Topsy very well, as well as the many who came after her.  The last of that long line lived well into the late 1960s.


Apparently my preference for larger dogs, however, comes from Tom's younger days, when his dogs, too, were a bit bigger.