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Echoes of Jean Auel: Mystic Echoes by Jean Cole

Disclaimer:  I obtained the Kindle edition of this book when it was offered free on Amazon.  I do not know the author nor have I had any communication with her about this book or any other subject.  I am, or at least was, an author.


If you liked Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and its many sequels, you might find this of interest.  It starts more or less present day (I guess) but the suggestion is that the situation of the Prologue has its roots in a late Neolithic village.  After the brief Prologue, the text zips back into the past and great long uninterrupted paragraphs of text.  Lots of telling, little showing.  Writing mechanics seemed clean, but I just couldn't get into the story and found myself yawning before I'd finished the second paragraph. 


The second paragraph is two pages long.


DNF, no stars.  Just not my kind of book.