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The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins

It's been a long time since I've been so engrossed in a book that I've almost fallen asleep with it in my hand.  It happened last night.


It's been even longer since I woke up and reached eagerly for the book I'd almost fallen asleep with in my hand.  It happened this morning.


Interestingly enough, I'm not sure it's the story so much that has me intrigued as it is the way Collins is telling it.  Oh, indeed, the style is still more telling than showing, but I'm still in Mr. Betteredge's voice and he is a wonderful narrator.


On the nature of theft and thievery: 

The upshot of it was, that Rosanna Spearman had been a thief, and not being of the sort that get up Companies in the City, and rob from thousands, instead of only robbing from one, the law laid hold of her, and the prison and the reformatory followed the lead of the law.

Collins, Wilkie (2012-05-17). The Moonstone (p. 11).  . Kindle Edition.


Or on organized religion:


I have myself (in spite of the bishops and the clergy) an unfeigned respect for the Church;

Collins, Wilkie (2012-05-17). The Moonstone (p. 16).  . Kindle Edition.


Or on the idle rich:


But compare the hardest day's work you ever did with the idleness that splits flowers and pokes its way into spiders' stomachs, and thank your stars that your head has got something it MUST think of, and your hands something that they MUST do.

Collins, Wilkie (2012-05-17). The Moonstone (p. 24).  . Kindle Edition.


Or on the distinctions of class and the march of progress:


However, Time and the progress of modern enlightenment put things right; and the misalliance passed muster very well. We are all getting liberal now; and (provided you can scratch me, if I scratch you) what do I care, in or out of Parliament, whether you are a Dustman or a Duke? That's the modern way of looking at it— and I keep up with the modern way.

Collins, Wilkie (2012-05-17). The Moonstone (p. 26).  . Kindle Edition.


Or on the art of wire-wrapping gemstones for jewelry:


. . . she wore her wonderful birthday present, which eclipsed all the rest— the Moonstone. It was without any setting when it had been placed in her hands; but that universal genius, Mr. Franklin, had contrived, with the help of his neat fingers and a little bit of silver wire, to fix it as a brooch in the bosom of her white dress.

Collins, Wilkie (2012-05-17). The Moonstone (p. 31).  . Kindle Edition.


I liked the idea of a wire-wrapped yellow diamond, big as a plover's egg.