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I dislike being accused of something

and having my defense deleted.  That strikes me as rather kangaroo-courtish.












Therefore, for anyone who wishes to know what I wrote after being told by the OP that what I had written in a comment which she then deleted was wrong, here is is, typos included:


You're responding to a comment of mine *you* deleted, so it makes no sense to the people reading this discussion.
I'm not missing the point. As I wrote in one of the two comments of mine that you deleted, Booklikes has always given users the ability to reblog anything. It's been on the buttons, which anyone can see, and it's been discussed before. Moonlight Reader pointed out that it was brought up a year or more ago.
I also said your review didn't look as much like a review as it did a list of the episodes. I didn't say it *wasn't* a review; I said it didn't look very much like one. And I'm sorry that when I read on the review was the youtube link and the "film only" designation, I got the impression there was no blook involved.
Usually, in my personal experience which may not be as extensive as someone else's, the review part makes up the majority of the document. I didn't see a whole lot of commentary, just a little bit at the end, but then again, I didn't read all of it that closely. I'm not telling you how to review, or what to review. I "liked" this particular review, or at least liked the subject matter enough to click on the green heart button.
However, I think the comments about "Planet Euphoria," "mindless blogging items," "laxity of morals," "mindless cretins," "twat," and something you apparently edited about lame wannabe authors are the real fight picking words, not to mention "bad feeling blowing around."
I'm sure you'll delete this, so I'll save it for elsewhere and just remove myself from the arena.




She did delete it.