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Wheat Belly: How to Help You Lose . . . Something

by Natasha D. Norman.


Here, on Amazon,



First of all, it's 36 pages of horribly written basic information that is probably, though I haven't researched it, pulled right from other popular sources.  Typos and other errors abound, which is inexcusable.


Second of all, the book currently (21 February 2015) has two reviews on Amazon.  I've already taken screenshots of them.


The first is by "janio," who currently ranks 10,206 on Amazon reviewers.


"Janio" is almost certainly fiverr seller "Quickmick,"


You can look at the Amazon profile for "janio" here


to see what other books and products he has been paid to give glowing reviews for.


At the moment, you can "buy" this book for free and look for yourself.  You can look at the other evidence I've provided and judge on the other merits.