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". . .the inconvenience of having to replace her."

The Wronged Wife: A Medieval Historical Romance - Margaret Brazear

Standard disclaimer:  I obtained the Kindle edition of this novel when it was offered free on Amazon.  I do not know the author nor have I ever had any communication with her about this book or any other matter.  I am an author of historical romances.



This novel is billed as a medieval romance, but after reading 7%, I have no real sense of anything medieval.  No date is given, and references to oil paintings hung on walls (as well as the female artist selling some of her other works), scheduled coach departures, landscaped London residences, and young ladies' academies felt decidedly anachronistic. 


But the way the main character, Lord Richard Morton, treats his mistress was so offensive that I gave up on this mediocre work at the 7% mark.


Morton is still married, though estranged from his wife.  Olivia, the mistress, comes to Morton's home against his wishes.  For violating his privacy, she is dismissed.

Lord Morton scrutinised his mistress, knowing that by coming to his house, by intruding into the home of his daughter, she had put an end to their relationship. He felt no particular sadness about that, only the inconvenience of having to replace her.


Brazear, Margaret (2014-06-13). The Wronged Wife: A Medieval Historical Romance (p. 9). Joshua Publishing. Kindle Edition.


A few paragraphs later


Lord Morton could see she was regretting her invasion of his home, but it was too late now. One aristocratic whore was easy enough to replace with another.


Brazear, Margaret (2014-06-13). The Wronged Wife: A Medieval Historical Romance (p. 9). Joshua Publishing. Kindle Edition.


And a few pages after that


She had been a good mistress, but he had lost all interest in her now and all he wanted was for her to remove herself from his presence.


Brazear, Margaret (2014-06-13). The Wronged Wife: A Medieval Historical Romance (p. 13). Joshua Publishing. Kindle Edition.


Through the next page or two, the reader learns that Morton apparently still loves his wife, which makes his callous treatment of the mistress even more distasteful.  There's a bit of an ick factor in the description, in Morton's POV, of the daughter's maturing body (she is apparently around 12 years of age), and by that point I'd had enough.


The writing mechanics are far from perfect, though the errors are not overwhelming.  The storyline and main character are just too unappealing.


DNF at 7%.  One star for passable writing, which is becoming so rare as to be noteworthy even at this imperfect level.