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Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith
Jon Krakauer

Threats and Death threats

I can't report them to Wattpad because I'm not a member.




But give a one-star rating to an unread book is juvenile.  And I need to take a chill pill.  And I'm twisting people's words WHEN I FUCKING QUOTE THEM.


I DEFENDED THE WATTPADDERS' RIGHT TO CARPET BOMB MY OWN FUCKING BOOKS, but my friends?  Well, the few who really ARE my friends know it.


The rest of you . . . .


Raani York wrote about threats to her person.  Did she ever supply any evidence?  Oh, poor, poor, Raani.


I have 20+ more pages of this . . . stuff.






You can see the time on the clock, SA.  The butter is still warm.