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I'm terribly sorry, Ms. York, but I just can't

Dragonbride (The Dragon Chronicles Book 1) - Raani York, Brian Wixson, Howard David Johnson

Raani York, the Author/Writer who publishes thoughts, subjects, experiences, etc., begs reviewers only to review a certain way, and to make sure they take into consideration the author's . . . I'm sorry, the Author's sensitive feelings.  Caution:  If you choose to click on the link, be sure you've taken your blood pressure medication, and do not have potable liquids around the keyboard.




Thank you, Spare Ammo, for sending me this link.  I'll get even with you eventually.


I could not resist the challenge implied in Ms. York's blog post, so I hied myself over to Amazon and downloaded the free sample. 


It starts with Chapter 2.


I guess she took the old adage seriously and literally?  "Write Chapter 1.  Write Chapter 2.  Throw away Chapter 1." 


Chapter 2 is titled "Fire Hell" but it consists of a very purple prose description of some terrible mountains.  In the first paragraph the mountains lie in wait for "the ones who came through the Fire Hell," but on the next page the Fire Hell is apparently somewhere up in the mountains because ". . . if a wanderer were to climb those peaks, going up to the Fire Hell. . ."


But by the end of Chapter 2, there's no clue what the hell the Fire Hell is.  Instead, after all this horrendous and terrifying description of mountains lying in wait for travelers, of mountains that are covered in snow, covered in black volcanic dirt glistening with diamonds that no one can find, shrouded in fog as well as swept by dry desert winds, the reader arrives at Alpcateçu, the village that has no name but whose name means Oasis of the Mountains.


We have indented block paragraphs with uneven indenting.  We have no conventional front matter, though there's a note that the book was copyrighted in 2005 and then something or other in 2013.  The cover is fairly decent, but I have no clue who did it.  That information may be in the "Thanks to" section at the end of the book.


I won't be getting to the end of the book.  Four pages was enough torment to put myself through.  Will not buy, will not read, will NOT recommend.