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Can I get a ruling on this, before I write a mean review?

Names have been changed to protect the innocent AND the guilty.


The setting is mid-18th century England.  The whole thing with the peerage -- because "marrying well" and getting heirs is the foundation of the story -- irks me when it seems totally wrong.


Henry Rocket, the seventh Duke of Zoom, has three sons.


Walter Rocket, the eldest son, is also the fourth Earl of Oz in his own right.  Huh?  In his own right?  Who was the third earl?  If Walter is the fourth, then he had to have inherited the title from the third.  I'm assuming this "in his own right" means Oz is not a courtesy title.


The second son Desmond and younger brother Charles are referred to as "the younger Zooms," with the three collectively as "the Zoom brothers."  (It's gonna be a trilogy, of course.) Huh?  Wouldn't the younger sons be the younger Lords Rocket, Lord Desmond Rocket and Lord Charles Rocket?