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Okay.  So, like, it's the day after Thanksgiving and it's absolutely gorgeous outside.  I'm stuck in my office trying to slog my way through my last packet of work on the day job.  The ol' lightbulb goes on in my brain.  Hey!  I don't need to finish this crap until Sunday night, and it's only Friday.  I'm going outside, with the Kindle, and soak up some sun, 'cause it's like 82 freakin' degrees outside.


Before I go outside, I download Gaskell's North and South and Wilkie Collins' The Law and the Lady, both of which are freebies.  The idea of having time to read is too delicious for words.  And with the impetus of Moonlight Reader's 2015 classics calendar, I'm even more stoked.  (Is that still a word?)


I've read The Lady in White and most of The Moonstone, also by Collins, so I decide to start with The Law and the Lady.  Almost before I know it, I'm at the 11% mark!


Oh, it's so good to be reading again!